Panel Line System Lay-out

Sub assembly automation

This line is mainly produce sub-assembly parts by material flow system and gantry type welding machine such as roller conveyor system, anti-deformation device, multi-pole welding machine, part arrange and fit up machine and etc.

Component Roller conveyor / Anti-Deformation Device /
Multi-Pole Welding Machine / Part Arrange and Fit up Machine
Operation Axle Travelling & Traversing & Up and Down
Driving Method Electric Motor + Reducer + Bogie Wheel
Control Method PLC Control
Power Source CO2 600A
Welding Method GMAW (FCAW)
Safety Device Anti-Collision Device

H-beam & T-bar Production Equipment

This line is mainly produce T-bar & H-beam by automatic system such as web and face plate setting, fit up and tack welding, face corner rounding, welding and straightening. Welding method can use CO2 welding or SAW.

Component Feeder / Web and Face Setting Device / Fit up and Tack Welding Device /
Face Corner Rounding Device / Feeding Conveyor / Welding Machine /
Material Transporting Device / Straightening Machine
Operation Axle Traverse Feeding system
Driving Method Electric Motor and Hydraulic Unit
Control Method PLC Control
Power Source CO2 600A / SAW DC 2,000A + AC 1,000A
Welding Method FCAW / SAW
Safety Device Anti-Collision Device

Tubular production equipment

These equipment are used for manufacturing large size or high pressure tubular. Manufacturing process is composed of plate bending, milling, longitudinal welding by SAW and circumferential welding by SAW and transportation system. Application is for maximum thickness 140mm and maximum width 4.5m plate.

Component Rolling Machine / Welding Manipulator / Miller Transfer Car
Turning Roller / Feeding Roller / Turn Table / Preheater
Driving Method Electric Motor or Hydraulic Motor
Control Method PLC - Auto / Manual
Welding Process SAW - Triple (DC - AC - AC)
Welding Method Auto Welding
Rolling Capacity Thickness: 140mm (Max), Length: 4,500mm
Mill Type One-Head, Two-Head Type
Safety Device Anti-Collision Device

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